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So you’ve finally taken a firearm course or your hunter’s safety education course. Congratulations! Now what? The number of people who actually go get their handgun permit or their hunting license after completing a course is actually a lot lower than you think. Why is that? Priorities? Money? Lost interest? The worst….thinking that these will always be there in the future and you can go get one at any time. 

Stop putting off what needs to be done today. I get it. Life happens. Things come up. It’s hard to get time off of work to go sit at the DMV, the tax collector’s office, etc. But every minute you don’t get it done, more of your freedoms slip away. If you’ve already taken a class or plan to take one in the future, make it your first priority to go apply for your permit, your license, and go through all the paperwork and leg work to get it done.

Let me explain why this is so important.

One of the more recent occurrences in the industry is the ATF released a document titled Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with “Stabilizing Braces”. Currently, there are only 71,885 public comments on this document and yet, the population of America is 328 million. America claims that about 72 million people own guns. So how come only .1% of this population spoke up on this issue? While many Americans could be unaware, others most likely don’t speak up because they think others will for them or they think that this measure won’t actually become legal. Unfortunately, it could have, and it’s not the end of the fight. Guess what? If you own a gun, you’re part of the fight and we need your voice.

This leads me to my next point…

Every single time an American applies for a handgun permit, they’re using their voice to be heard. Heard for what you might ask? The first is that your voice is used to say, “I need a firearm to protect myself, my family, my friends, and my fellow American. If I ever need it, I’ll have it.”

Knives are WeaponsYou also tell the government that you have a Second Amendment Right, you need that right, and you plan on keeping it around. We need these voices and we need them now more than ever. Currently, the number of concealed handgun permits issued is 18.66 million. We can do better. We aren’t quite at the nitty-gritty yet, but did know that in Florida, for example, it’s called a concealed weapon license? The keyword in this is weapon. If you’re John Wick, suddenly a pencil can become a weapon. And this permit allows you to carry it concealed and use it when needed. So we aren’t just talking about guns here. We’re talking about defending your life with a tool of your choice if it comes down to it.

Lastly, you’re telling America that you are a law-abiding citizen that can own a firearm (or multiple) responsibly and safely. Because the only people who actually abide by laws are these folks and with every limit, rule, ban, etc., these are the only people affected while criminals continue to get access to firearms and use them illegally. Constantly, firearms are brought up in the news because they’re an easy target to do so. An easy out for them to talk about all the shootings and the ways firearms have been used to commit crimes. But what they don’t want to talk about is how above deaths by firearms, death by poison and drug overdose are higher than that of firearms, with motor vehicle traffic deaths almost at the same rate as firearm deaths. But no one wants to talk about those things. Firearms will always have a target on them, but if you’re willing to speak up and be part of the fight, we can keep them around that much longer.

Unfortunately, some states have already made it next to impossible to own certain firearms, carry concealed, have magazines of certain capacities, and more. Each law that takes away from our Second Amendment right is a step back for our country. Also, if you get your permit in one state, that doesn’t mean you can carry that “weapon” or firearm into another state. Reciprocity rules make it harder to know where you can and can’t carry across the country. Always do your research before traveling and even driving through states as some may not honor the permit you have in your home state. 

So what am I asking you to do here?

Go take a firearm class of some sort. Go get educated on hunter’s safety. Go apply for your concealed weapons permit. Go get your license. When you do this, you’re speaking up and adding your voice to the masses. Speak up. Enforce your rights. Use them.

If you’re reading this and you have a certificate from one of these classes but haven’t gone and finished the process, your rights won’t wait on you to get this done. America is changing, legislation is changing, laws are changing, and nothing in life is guaranteed.

I have had students in my classes that have told me they never plan to carry concealed, carry on their person, or even apply for a permit sometimes and I ask them why they’re here. The answers are still great. They want to carry in their purse or have a gun in their vehicle when they travel, or even just to have a permit to be legal if the day comes. They want to be proficient in how to use a handgun in case of necessity. And these answers are great. But there are other benefits to having a concealed permit.

  1. When you purchase a handgun and have a concealed permit, you can actually walk out of the store with your purchase that day. Most states have a waiting period for handgun or any gun purchases if you don’t have a permit to give time for a background check, delay access to a handgun, and more. Some sales are exempt from the waiting period including purchases by people with licenses and permits, law enforcement officers, service members, and more. 
  2. The “What If”. It’s better to have what you need and not need it than not have it and need it. This is true across the board of anything – medical supplies, food, water, etc. 
  3. There are states that give permit holders more legal areas to carry a firearm. This is also true of carrying in vehicles. A permit will give you fewer restrictions on how inaccessible the firearm must be in a vehicle compared to those without a permit.
  4. Education. Most states (not all) require permit holders to complete some sort of education that could save their lives and at the bare minimum, inform them on their state’s laws on gun permits.

I hope this blog encourages you to get a handgun permit and complete the steps to get it done. Don’t forget to get involved by using your voice and sharing with others about our Second Amendment Rights and more.

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