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Private Firearms Training

From safety to concealed carry to competition shooting, Kenzie offers private firearms training for all level shooters. Tell us what you’d like to learn and work on so we can customize your private training to your needs. If you have your own firearms, it’s highly recommended you bring them to work with, but Kenzie can also provide guns during the class.

Kenzie is a professional competitive shooter specializing in 3 gun competitions. She has shot GSSF, Steel Challenge, USPSA, 2 gun, 3 gun, carbine, and shotgun competitions. If you’d like to get started in competition shooting, she can provide the guns and teach you how to shoot a stage.

We will discuss your private firearms training once you register, but do plan on bringing your own ammunition for each gun you plan on shooting.

Kenzie has guns and will travel. The two things that are needed to make a class happen are 1. an outdoor range’s permission to have a class event with targets provided by the range and 2. at least 8-10 people one day or two days.

Where: Range Approval Required

When: (Must be within range hours)

Time: Depends on Students

Cost: $250 for 3 hours (up to 2 people), $500 for 5 hours (up to 3 people)

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