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better trained
better prepared.

We offer firearms training for anyone looking to safely and responsibly own and operate a firearm. A gun is a tool, a powerful one, and one that comes with great responsibility. Whether it’s your gun or an intruder’s, you should know how to operate one.

A gun can be an equalizer and make a fight fair. There are no “safe places” so we all must learn and train to use one if it comes down to it.

Whether you’re interested in shooting competitively, wanting to have fun at the range, or learn how to carry concealed, 3 Gun Kenzie is the place for firearms training. We teach it all from mindset to stage planning.

We will travel to your city with guns and gear to host a class! Fill out the contact form and we will work to make it happen!


be your own

We believe in each individual learning to protect themselves, rather than relying on others. In reality, the response time for emergency services is slow. When things happen quickly, you are your only defender.

While we encourage couples to learn together, you are taught separately. For example, concealed carry options are not always the same for women as they are for men. Similarly, you will not always be together 24/7 and in a compromising situation, every person needs to know how to defend themselves without the help of anyone else.
It’s up to you to get trained, educated, and practice regularly.


It was really important for me to take my CCW class without my husband being there. Ultimately, having my CCW is my responsibility, not his. While I think it's good for couples to be on the same page as far as gun ownership goes, some spouses were relying on their partners too heavily.

Florida CCW Student

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about kenzie

Kenzie Fitzpatrick grew up hunting and shooting with both of her grandfathers and dad in Alabama and Louisiana. She was raised to hunt duck and deer with her family. Once she left for college, it was years before she was around firearms again.

In 2014, Kenzie got involved with the Rifle Association at Florida State University (now known as Florida State University Action Shooting Club). She earned a spot on the pistol team and immediately got into competitive shooting.

The GSSF match at Talon Range in August of 2014 was her first competition. Since then, she has shot 3-Gun, 2-Gun, USPSA, Steel Challenges, Cowboy Action matches, and of course, for fun!

3 Gun Kenzie is also the host of the Reticle Up Podcast.

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