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I wish I had picked up a pair of Hunters HD Gold a lot sooner than I did. We’ve all heard one of our shooting buddies tell us that if we just buy a certain product, it’ll change our world. And how often do we listen to them? Rarely.

I never thought much of shooting eye protection. I always just bought safety glasses or whatever was cheap at Academy or on Amazon. While I can miss all on my own without anybody’s help, I certainly wasn’t doing myself any favors in finding the best pair of shooting glasses to see targets with.

eye protection
How was I ever able to see?

I remember going to a local 2 gun competition and the sun had just begun to set as my squad was finishing up the last shots of the day. I had on a pair of clear safety glasses when a squadmate asked to borrow mine since he only had on dark, tinted glasses. As I handed them over and he put them on, I’ll never forget the face he made. He was repulsed. He chose to shoot (long-range shots and a few paper targets) without eye protection rather than borrowing what I had.

That was an eye-opening experience…

At this time in my competitive shooting career, I hadn’t yet heard of Hunters HD Gold. I live in a heavy military community and all the rage was Oakley Standard Issue glasses. While these aren’t cheap for civilians, they also require two pairs – one dark-tinted for daytime shooting and a clear pair for overcast and low light conditions. I just purchased the one tinted pair and while I enjoyed them for a little while, their lenses were not that scratch-resistant.

Oakley SI
Massive face shield fogged up all the time

I moved on to using Wiley-X shooting glasses next. They have a changeable series that allows you to swap out lenses based on the amount of light you’re shooting in. You definitely pay for what you get with these, and it’s not much.

In May of 2019, I met the President of Hunters HD Gold, Brian Conley, in an NROI class. Brian is known for doing demo days and having all of the Hunters HD Gold glasses out for shooters to try at matches he is at. Well, this wasn’t a match weekend, so I didn’t know anything about the glasses still. It took until November of 2019 to try my first pair of Hunters HD Gold on and after that, I’ll never look back.

I was a competitor and an RO for the back to back USPSA Nationals in Frostproof for the single stack, L10, production, and revolver divisions. Brian was set up and I hadn’t seen him since the RO class, but I had heard a lot more about Hunters HD Gold since then. Brian had me demo a pair of glasses, and let me tell you, life changed. I finished the day out and realized I hadn’t squinted once, forgot I was wearing eye protection, experienced zero fog in the Florida humidity, and I could see targets clearer than I’ve ever been able to before. As an RO, eyesight and being able to read targets is everything. I’ve never worn glasses or contacts, but I compare this experience to putting on your first pair of prescription glasses to see clearly again.

Hunters HD Gold worn by everyone
Tony Pignato with STI, Brian Conley, Me, John Kitson at USPSA Back to Back Nationals all wearing Hunters HD Gold

If you’ve never heard of or demoed a pair of Hunters HD Gold, it’s hard to understand why they’re so effective. They’re made with transition lenses so they change based on the amount of sunlight, completely eliminating the need for two or even three pairs of shooting glasses.

Photochromic lenses

“But they’re so yellow!” I’ve heard this a lot. Without knowing the exact scientific explanation, when you first put on the glasses, your eyes have an adjustment period where they get used to the yellow tint and your view becomes more clear. The yellow tint also allows shooters to see better in low light conditions such as early morning, after sunset, and even while driving. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen my growth in long-range rifle shooting. I used to be absolutely terrible and one of the reasons was being able to pick up targets with sub-par eye protection. The yellow in Hunters HD Gold lenses allow me to pick up steel targets easier than ever.

Golden Color

Finally, a pair of safety eyewear that hasn’t scratched on me yet. What I found out about Hunters HD Gold is their lenses are double-coated to cut out glare and to provide a more scratch and dust resistant lens. They also block out 100% of UVA, UVB, and Blue Light. Don’t believe me? Check out the video.

At the end of day one, I immediately went up to Brian asking to buy a pair right then and there. He insisted I keep using the demo pair over the weekend, and I said, “No, by tomorrow, these should be sold out, they’re so incredible. I’ll take them right now so I don’t miss out on these.” Verbatim. He laughed and got to work packing up my first pair of Hunters HD Gold and I never even asked how much they cost. Great, high-quality products, made in the USA, backed by excellent customer service, are darn near impossible to find these days. Price should NEVER matter when it comes to your eyes, ears, or any protection that could save your life, hearing, vision, or anything else you care about.

The game changer is that you can now upgrade your favorite frames and replace the lenses in them with Hunters HD Gold. If you need prescription lenses, they do that too.

AND, as a Second Amendment enthusiast and competitive shooter, I try to support as many companies who are supporting our industry. Hunters HD Gold has been a sponsor of what feels like every match on the planet. Brian demos his glasses all over the country, steps in as an RO when needed, helps reset stages, and does whatever he can for the shooters, hunters, archery shooters, and sportsmen of this world.

Hunters HD Gold
Logan Toland and I love our Hunters HD Gold (Fort Benning Multigun Challenge 2019). Was a great look for both of us 🙂

If you ever take one of my CCW classes, see me at a shooting competition, or go to the range with me, I have demo pairs of Hunters HD Gold and would be happy to answer any questions you may have! Just ask!

P.S. Every pair of Hunters HD Gold comes with Z-Clear Anti-Fog Paste, the only product you’ll ever need to fight fog again.

Apply a small amount with your finger to one side of the lens, then move to the other side, then the back side lens, then the other side back side. Let it COMPLETELY dry on the lenses (similar to wax on paint), wipe off with a microfiber or cotton cloth. Use the product every morning before a shooting event.

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