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There are a few incredible companies that have provided me discount links and codes to share with others! These companies support shooting sports, junior competitive shooters, new concealed carriers, or me with the things I need to shoot & teach.

I do not work with companies whose products I don’t know or have never used myself. Why is this important? There are many “influencers” out there who are just trying to make a buck who do not believe in the product they are promoting.

Discount Links and Codes

Super Vel Ammunition

I can’t even remember how I found Super Vel Ammunition, but I’m sure it was on social media. I am so glad I found them when I did. This company makes superior ammunition, has the world’s best customer service (not an exaggeration) and saved my life. I’ve been using their 55 grain .223 in my rifles for 3 gun competitions and have not had one single issue. That’s peace of mind for me.

One of the unique things they offer is their Bring Your Own Primers (BYOP) program where they can load handgun ammunition for you if you ship them primers. I’m still able to have them load competition 147 grain 9mm rounds that have always met Chrono at USPSA major matches.

Super Vel Ammunition and Run Gun Discount Links and Codes

Interested in technical data about their ammo? I know I wanted to know rifle data for my scope holds and Super Vel provides real-world data for their ammunition through a variety of firearms right on their website.

Even during this ammunition crisis, they are still honoring discount codes for people to use at checkout. Their BYOP program has unheard-of pricing right now as well. Use this code for savings: 3gunkenzie

Run and Gun Industries

I am obsessed with their waxed canvas ammo bags (and all of them really). When I’m headed to a 3 gun competition, I have to do a lot of preparation ahead of time. Typically at a major match, I’ll have to bring shotgun shells, long-range rifle ammo, burner rifle ammo, pistol ammo, and occasionally, shotgun slugs or buckshot. I used to carry around 3 ammo cans until I realized they’re too bulky and take up a ton of space. I now use Run Gun bags to carry ammo, differentiate ammo, and it takes up 1/20th of the space ammo cans do.

One of the other considerations I had for choosing their bags over any others on the market is the quality and durability of the bags. The loops have to hold the weight of at least 500 rounds of 9mm, for example, which any shooter knows is not lightweight. Their bags also come with a sewn-on patch or a removable patch so you can label the bags 9mm, .380, 45ACP, .223, 5.56, and so much more.

They also make mag magazine bags, a range notes cowhide leather notebook, a med bag, wallets, a ton of apparel, and the brand new magazine case. Use this code for savings: 3gunkenzie

Steel Target Paint

Steel Target Paint

There is no better steel paint than Steel Target Paint. You cannot compare it to “spray paint.” These bottles will last you so much longer than any spray paint can even dream of. Instead of spraying a full layer or coat on a steel plate, with this paint, you just spot correct. Essentially, you lightly spray the impact on the steel plate and you’re good to go. This paint is THICK. You will understand once you use it for the first time. Shop online!

Use this code for 10% off: FITZPATRICKKE10

Use this code for free shipping: FITZPATRICKKEFS


DIVTEC Industries

Magnets are a handy tool to have on your gun belt. They make picking up any metal-made magazine off the ground easy. They are also a handy tool for stand and shoot stages that require a reload for both PCC and pistol shooters. PCC magazine pouches are typically longer and require the shooter to pull outward and then up to reload the gun. With a magnet, you can slide the magazine off faster without having to pull as far out as you would with a magazine pouch. This can significantly cut down your reloading time. You can also use the magnet as your starter magazine so you don’t have to play the “magazine pouch shuffle” that we’ve all done at the “Make Ready” command.

Use this code for savings: 3gunkenzie


If you carry a gun daily, or ever, you need a USCCA membership. I hope no one ever has to use their gun in self-defense or in any scenario, but if you ever have to, you need to have a plan for what happens after. Lawyers will need to be called. Bail money needs to be ready to be posted. USCCA is there for you when it matters most which is why I am a proud member. Learn more online and sign up today.

Freestyle Watches

When I’m shooting a competition, my phone is typically on airplane mode because I don’t want to be interrupted or distracted. I see so many shooters wearing Apple watches when shooting that vibrate, make a noise, and have their glass cracked.

Discount Links and Codes

I’ve been using Freestyle Watches my entire life. I grew up surfing so a waterproof watch was a must. Freestyle makes watches for divers, for surfers to monitor the tides, and for anyone with an active lifestyle. They also make cool straps for Apple watches if that’s your style.

I also flip between eastern and central time almost weekly. With these watches, you can set up two different time options, two alarms, and run a timer or stopwatch. Plus it lights up in the dark when you need it to.

I know many of you have seen my stylish watches and are just jealous so get you one and use the code: 3gunkenzie

Z Clear

Even if you’re not a shooter, if you wear any kind of eyewear, you need Z Clear. Every night before a competition I apply Z Clear to all of my shooting lenses and never have a fogging issue whatsoever. It’s so easy to apply and you can buy multiple to stash in your range bag or at home just like Chapstick. Use the code: Kenzie20



Thank you to all the companies who have provided discount links and codes for others to try out your amazing products. Would love to hear from you if you tried one of these out!