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If you’re a Sig Sauer fan and own a P320, you have numerous options for grip modules available to you, and one you should definitely check out is the Brouwer Sig P320 Grip Module. Very few stock firearms on the market today are 100% set up for your hand size, grip, and are enjoyable to shoot. Many firearms are not ready either for their intended use, be it concealed carry, competition, or hunting, for example. Usually, a gun needs a few modifications to be ready for a specific purpose. This is why installing the right grip module can be essential to setting up the P320 for you.

I was given the Brouwer LLC P320 grip module to check out and review, so let’s dive in!

Easy Installation

The installation process couldn’t be any easier. The one important thing to remember when ordering is to choose no magazine release or to include an OEM Sig P320 release, depending on what your Sig P320 is set up for. My AXG P320 had a circle release, so I needed to include an OEM release with my grip module. First, you must push the slide lever release down and punch it out of the gun to remove the slide and fire control unit. The fire control unit can then be removed and re-installed into the Brouwer grip module.

For a complete disassembly, check out this YouTube video:

Grip Texture

The Brouwer Sig P320 Grip Module is the perfect grip texture for someone who doesn’t want an aggressive texture but still wants some texture to hang onto the gun in recoil. The front and back strap have been checkered with 25 lines per inch to improve grip without damaging clothing. The Brouwer grip module is still feature rich with a full MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail for accessories, a flare to the mag well for easy reloads, and the cutout for the magazine release (or OEM-included model). You also have the option to upgrade to a silicon carbide coating on the grip module for those people who do like extra texture on the grip. They also offer a safety selector cut out service if your gun has an external safety.


When selecting a grip module or firearm in general, the gun must be comfortable to you, the shooter. If it’s a gun you plan to shoot and use, the only person whose comfort matters is yours. It is a good idea to hear recommendations from others and, more importantly, why they like something because it can be a good starting point to figure out what you might like. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a big fan of overly aggressive grip textures as they feel like a cheese grater to me, so the Brouwer Sig P320 Grip Module works for me. The ergonomics of this grip module are what makes it so great.

The Brouwer P320 Grip Module greatly improves point-of-aim repeatability by utilizing ergonomics nearly identical to the 2011 grip angle. The front strap angle has been changed to 107.5 degrees, with a back strap angle of 67.5 degrees to cause the pistol to seat into the hand when gripped. This geometry aids the shooter by placing the bore axis in a natural position.

The other unique thing about this grip module is the beaver tail has been moved up to reduce the height over bore but still maintains the functionality of the P320 fire control grip. You always want your grip to be as high up on the gun as possible to reduce the felt recoil, and this beaver tail helps you grip the pistol as high as possible.

The Brouwer Sig P320 Grip Module features a large trigger guard that is designed specifically for use with gloves in colder temperatures. This extra space is also great for people with larger hand sizes to comfortably pull the trigger and clear the trigger guard more easily. What you can also notice is the tolerances on the magazine release were reduced to prevent dust and debris from getting into the release.

Final Thoughts

I’m a big fan of the Brouwer Sig P320 Grip Module. I think they paid attention to the details that matter most and made sure to make a grip that is comfortable, aggressive enough for most shooters, and that is loaded with features that are beneficial to different shooters and environments. The price is spot on for a grip module and can’t be beaten! To learn more, visit