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Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit

Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit

This course fulfills the State of Tennessee requirement for an 8-hour handgun safety course. The Enhanced Handgun Permit allows you to carry a concealed handgun legally in other states with reciprocity.

You NEED TO apply online for the Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit BEFORE COMING TO CLASS. Visit the TN.Gov website to submit your application. Please screenshot, print out, or write down your application ID number and bring it to class. This is NOT the confirmation number that your application was received. Please read the entire letter the state emails you to find your application ID number.

This course will end with the required live-fire at the range. It is encouraged to bring your own eye and ear protection, but we will have free rentals for each group of shooters to use as well. You are also encouraged to bring your own firearm and ammunition, especially the one you plan to carry concealed. We do have .22 firearms and ammunition to use in class if you do not have your own. Please wear close-toed shoes and shirts with sleeves. Bring 50 rounds of REQUIRED ammunition if you are bringing a firearm. The class starts PROMPTLY at 9 am sharp. Plan to be at the range all day, bring sunscreen, water, snacks. The price of the class includes a hot lunch provided by Camp Davy Crockett.

There will be a 50% non-refundable fee. If for some reason you cannot make the class you’ve registered for, you can use this towards a future class date. Please register with your legal name.

The Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit class will be hosted at Camp Davy Crockett. When you drive into the camp, stay straight until you see the McGlothlin Family Dining Hall. If parking in the lot is full, please park nose to nose along the side of the drive to allow cars to pass. For more information on Camp Davy Crockett, visit their website. ***There is next to no cell phone signal at the camp, so please use your vehicle’s GPS, phone GPS, or the map on their website.

Camp Davy Crockett is nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Northeast Tennessee. Its pristine wilderness and strong camping traditions make it a fantastic place to attend camp.

Camp Davy Crockett is 1865 acres with 9 miles of shoreline on Cherokee Lake. Camp Davy Crockett will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022. We are excited to continue the traditions and to be a place where we build tomorrow’s leaders.


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